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January 19, 2011

The Cochise County Fair Association formed in 1924 and hosted its 91st fair in 2015.

A privately-owned non-profit organization led by a volunteer board of directors, the fair is funded through the State of Arizona’s Livestock and Agricultural Promotion Fund and proceeds from events and facility rental.

The fair association hosts the annual county fair each fall at the Cochise County Fairgrounds on Leslie Canyon Road just north of Douglas, Ariz. The event draws thousands of visitors from across the county and northern Mexico and is an integral part of the region’s history and culture. The fair association is grateful that the Cochise County Board of Supervisors has co-hosted the fair in recent years.

The fairgrounds also serve as a venue for private gatherings and parties, community functions, training events, concerts and carnivals, and agricultural and equine events.


“Beneath all the fun, auctions, and show ribbons, the serious business of learning how to make a living off the land continues like an underground river.”

- Baxter Black
From County Fairs, Why?


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