A Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Football 2021

The current euphoria surrounding football matches in Euro 2020 and Copa America tournaments has got even the non-soccer fans hooked to football betting. One of the main reasons for this may be the fact that betting on soccer is something that is easily accessible and simple to get started with because of the wide range of markets available to bettors. While you may find it a tad intimidating at first, it does not take too long to learn the ropes.

Things a Newcomer Needs to Know When Betting on Football in 2021:

Bookmakers set odds which stand for the ration between winnings and stakes on a certain outcome. These can be represented as fractions, decimals, or with a positive or negative sign assigned to it.

  • Placing bets: Every week you can try placing bets on multiple matches; you can see odds provided by bookies on probability of outcomes of matches, and even instances within a match, like the number of red cards shown, number of goals made, individual scores of players, etc. The betonline no deposit bonus codes help new bettors to get maximum benefits on their first betting. They also motivate to play intuitively and place safe bets giving best suggestions.
  • Match bet: Match bet is the easiest type where you simply pick the match result. So, you can bet on the home/away team or a draw.
  • Bet builders: Bet builders are something new in football betting but greatly popular because they represent an accumulation of outcomes in one match instead of from multiple matches.
  • Player props/ stats: refers to the ability to place bets on players who are likely to have specific shots, offside or tackles. However, football is unpredictable and you need to be careful about the money you stake on such bets.
  • Asian handicap bet: Asian handicap bet refers to one where you selection will have a handicap that must be overcome. A whole goal handicap is safer as you will get back your stake. A half-goal handicap makes a draw impossible.
  • European handicap bet: European handicap bet is different from Asian handicap because draw is an option here and handicaps are whole numbers only.
  • Half-time/full-time: As a beginner you can bet on results of the first or second half. You may bet on the away/home team or draw for either or both the halves.
  • Double chance: This lets you bet on 2 out of 3 outcomes so that your winning chances are increased; so, you can bet on home team/draw, away team/draw, and home or away team.
  • Accumulators: This combines many selections into a single bet making it much popular. You can enjoy bigger returns from smaller stakes. The only downside is you must win all bets to get a payout.
  • Goalscorer betting: This is for a specific player and how much he will score in a match. This bet works when a player is in excellent form or when one of the teams is far superior to the other and a player is likely to score.
  • Correct score: Here, you can predict the match score; this is the outcome after 90 minutes of play which can move to penalty shootout or extra time.
  • Over/Under betting: In this, you bet on number of times any event, like a goal, yellow card, or corner will happen in a match.
  • Draw No Bet: You bet on the match outcome; however, if it is a draw, you receive your stake.
  • Bookies even provide special odds for certain events happening off-the-pitch. In-play betting is when you get to place bets on an outcome while a match is on. Today’s bookies offer unique betting opportunities, like special odds for off-pitch events and in-play betting during matches. Nhà cái uy tín nhất việt nam excels in providing these services, offering a comprehensive and engaging betting environment that caters to both traditional and modern bettors looking for a dynamic gaming experience.